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Our Goal

Our goal is to bring a memorable experience to your special event with incredible service and hospitality. We want to help you create a show stopping event that will leave lasting memories.


The Difference

Next Level Service

No matter what package you choose, we are excited that you are investing in the most important element to any event.  Bringing the bar experience

to your event is our expertise...

 personality, passion, and attention to detail is what elevates us.  

We Do Custom

We love to be creative!! We do fresh garnishes, homemade drink syrups, custom designed menu's and decor for any event.  Our passion is in bringing your event to life.

Ross And Erin

How We Got Here

Erin a real estate agent by day and a  entrepreneur heart for creativity was on a mission of finding a storefront to fulfill her creative side of opening a boutique of some kind.  She saw this idea of a horse trailer that was mobile...and all the possibilities of how she could be creative with it. 

Ross is a very simple guy who likes life very routine!!  That might be impossible with Erin around.  As life gets dull Erin will add a project or two to keep their lives exciting.

Ross is the very talented designer-fabricator of Miss. Bliss that has a great eye for detail and can build just about anything.

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